Double-Yolk Eggs

Shopping at our local “supermarket” recently, I picked up a dozen large, Grade A eggs.  I do not usually buy my eggs there, but it was handy and I needed them.  After all, it’s the biggest baking time of the year. 

Being hungry for scrambled eggs and ham that evening, I broke the first one into my bowl and, to my surprise, found it had two yolks.

“Well,” you might say, “What’s the big deal about a 2-yolk egg?”  It’s no big deal, but with today’s technology, it is kind of a rarity that one turned up in my carton of Grade A large eggs. 

It took me back to my growing-up years and my rural background, especially reminding me of the many trips I made to the henhouse to gather the eggs and how much I hated that job.  Reaching into the nest with the hen on it and then fighting off the old rooster was not fun.

Nostalgia and old memories like this double-yolk egg bring us back to times of reflection, especially here at the holiday season when we join in and sing the old familiar carols and hear the stories of years ago.

We are so blessed!

Submitted by Ernie C

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