It’s Really Nothing

I called our daughter, Cindy, who lives way back in the boonies in the state of Washington, kind of on Puget Sound, raised her children there and is alone there now, after 28 years.  It’s the kind of place you would love to visit for two or maybe three days… beautiful, peaceful.  The summer people are gone… It’s winter… It’s lonely.

While visiting with her, I mentioned we were sending a package but said, “Don’t get excited.  It’s really nothing.”

“Okay,” she said.  “I’ll be on the lookout for it.”  On rural delivery, she has to drive to the small town of Tahuya to get her packages.

Well, it came, and she called to say the “nothing” package had arrived.  I quickly found out that “nothing” to me and “nothing” to her did not have the same meaning… The “nothing” box was full of her favorite homemade cookies and candies…  “The cookies will be eaten down to the last crumb, and the candies down to the last Kansas pecan.”  It was like being home to her.

Like I said in the beginning… It’s really about nothing… Or is it?

Submitted by Ernie C

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