My Favorite Bible

I opened one of the Bibles in my pew recently and noted it had been donated by a member and dedicated to her late husband.  We have a lot of Bibles in the church, and they are rarely used anymore, especially since we have the scriptures projected on the screen and they are read to us.

Likewise, we have a lot of Bibles in our homes.  I counted 14 Bibles in my home, including the pocket New Testament that my husband’s mother gave him when he joined the United States Army Air Corps during WWII.  This went with him as he flew 31 missions over Italy and North Africa… We have our favorites.

This brings to mind my mother’s Bible… She had only one, and it went to church with her every Sunday and any other time she went to church.  It had a lot of her handwritings in the margins, some of them in red ink.  It had a few torn pages, mostly from being used by her ten children when memorizing their Bible verses.  To my knowledge, this was her only Bible.

I own this Bible now.  It has a new cover and binding, but it still has the red ink writings and the torn pages and still has the same word of God in it that it had when my mother read it and carried it to church each Sunday… It’s my favorite.

Submitted by Ernie C

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