Glitter Temptations

I have been cleaning my “craft/sewing/treadmill/music” room this morning, and I have come to a profound discovery.  Glitter is the DEVIL!  It is everywhere!  No matter how many times I sweep, glitter remains.  No matter how many times I swipe at it with a damp cloth, glitter remains.  No matter how many times I vacuum, that dang glitter is still there!

As I sit here typing, I spy some glitter on my hand… my HAND!  And my arm, and probably too many places to mention.  I hate the stuff… but I love the stuff.  I love the way it looks.  Glitter hypnotizes me with its beauty and sparkle, and I love anything with glitter on it.  It makes the dullest craft look amazing!  The flowers sparkle.  The light in the church I painted has gold glitter, and it looks so pretty.

Harper and Morgan love glitter, too, as is apparent on the craft room floor, the mat under the treadmill, the KU carpet on the floor…  Glitter is everywhere, and it will not go away!

I bought the glitter.  I have tubes and bottles of glitter.  I invited glitter into my life because of the pretty shine and the lure of making all things better… just like Satan.

I did not intend for these comments to be serious, but as I type, I realize glitter really is like Satan.  No matter how hard we try to sweep, vacuum, swipe with a damp cloth, the devil is constant.  So, I am going to use God as my sweeper, my mop, my vacuum to remove that stubborn devil from my life, but I also know that there is always a little bit of the devil trying to lure me with his sparkle, his shine, his determination to stick around even in the cracks of my life… like the seams in the floor where glitter remains.

Glitter, oh glitter, how you tempt me to make my arts and crafts look amazing, but just know this glitter… I am going to keep sweeping and vacuuming until I can see you no more. 

Wait!  Is that glitter on my…?

Submitted by Phyllis L

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