Biblical Texting

One Sunday, watching R. J. Osborn as he taught our Sunday School class using his I-pad —  or was it an I-pod? — looked so easy, and what he could do with that little black box was wonderful!  He could call up several versions of the Bible and read from any of them.  Modern technology has come a long way.

This made me begin to think that I needed to bring myself into the 21st century.  Maybe I could start with learning how to text and then work myself up to something bigger.  At once, it dawned on me that a special language was required to be able to send a text message… where to start? 

I decided to email a few of the grandkids, asking for information on their texting language.  The response was a real eye opener.  I got a lot more information than I really wanted to know.

Little did I realize that texting had a dictionary of its own, and the words don’t really spell anything.  Also, I wondered if the texters really knew how to spell.  Could they write a real letter with pen and paper — one that I would be able to read?

Looking over some of the language, I wondered if it was all worth it.  I cannot imagine myself texting LOL (laughing out loud)… POV (point of view)… NIMBY (not in my backyard)… B4N (bye for now)… Those letters seem unreal. 

But, wait a minute… I remember back in the days of WWII we sent letters with XOXO written on the back (meaning Love and Kisses).  And then there was SWAK (sealed with a kiss).

So, have we really come that far?  And do I really need to learn to text?  I can still read the Bible from that little black book — the old fashion way.  Those words are still good enough for me, and I have no doubt what they mean.

Submitted by Ernie C (Reprinted from January 2012)

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