From the Pastor

As we gather once again as a church community each and every Sunday, we would like to remind you that thanks to our COVID-19 safety team, the church building and facility is well maintained, thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.  You safety is of utmost importance to us.  Please use your own discretion and discernment whenever you gather in a public arena.

And as we journey forth during these summer months, discovering life living under this “new normal”, may we continually look to the scriptures and to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for guidance, wisdom and comfort.  Even though it seems much of our daily news coverage is full of unrest, uncertainty, and dissatisfaction with authority figures and our leadership, we can be comforted knowing that God is fully in charge and fully in control.

It is in times like these when we can feel a sense of peace, serenity, calmness and resolve that occurs at the moment of the rising of a new dawn.  A lot of good can come from the destructive forces of pain, detachment, isolation and emptiness.

“They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.” (Psalm 126:5)  “Happy are those people whose God is the Lord.”  (Psalm 144:15).  And all those faithful patrons and supporters of First Christian Church who attended last Sunday’s Worship Service were full of joy, enthusiasm and camaraderie. 

Because, brothers and sisters, we know “the Lord heals our hearts and binds up our wounds.” (Psalm 147:3)  “The Lord is merciful and heals our souls.”  (Psalm 41:4)  “For the Lord is our lamp, and the Lord will lighten our darkness.”  (2 Samuel 22:29)  Hallelujah!

For “we will look to walk in Christ, who loved us and has given himself for us as an offering and sacrifice to God.”  (Ephesians 5:2)  “Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord and whose hope is in the Lord.”  (Jeremiah 17:7)  For we shall “trust in the Lord with all our hearts.”  (Proverbs 3:5)  “Behold, God is our salvation, in whom we will trust and not be afraid.”  (Isaiah 12:2)

May we receive God’s bountiful blessings upon our church, the mentors of the church and the people of the church, as well as the community at large.  May we unite together in unity, in community and in faith as disciples, doing the work of discipleship.  May we strive to be the best Disciples of Christ we can be.


Pastor Mark

*   *   *   *   *

FYI:  For those folks who are unable to attend our weekly Sunday Worship Services, we will continue broadcasting a weekly Worship Service on the Facebook page at, or you are welcome to go to You Tube.  Just type in the phrase First Christian Church, Independence, KS on the appropriate search engine and the most recent Worship Service program should come right up.

YouTube Broadcasts:  We are always looking for more folks to sing, serve as Worship Leaders, or even present a short sermon.  All Worship Services are taped the week prior to being put on the air.  Please consider taking part in this vital and uplifting ministry opportunity.  Just call the Church Office, and we can get you on the air.

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