Pastoral Relations Update

The Pastoral Relations Committee (PRC) has met for the first of four scheduled meetings in 2020.  Its mission is to serve as a support group for the minister.  This includes keeping channels of communication open between the minister and congregation, helping the congregation have realistic expectations of the minister, helping the minister understand the congregation’s expectations and serving as a confidential channel for complaints from the congregation.

To accomplish this mission, the expectation is a person having a complaint will first visit with the minister.  If the person feels the matter has not been resolved, the person will contact a PRC member.  The member will share the matter with the Committee and the minister at a regular or special meeting.  If there is no resolution, an invitation to meet with the PRC and the minister will be extended for a regular or special meeting.  The result of the meeting will be a resolution, hopefully, reached by agreement of all parties.

Should the minister have a complaint, it should be shared with the PRC at a regular or special meeting.

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